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Main problems which Together-ly will solve off
Progress awareness
Your projects in a timeline format with clear comments behind every iteration, and feedback from your team
Chaotic information
Gathering information on iterations in one place via integrations with major design platforms
Lack of collaboration
Remote teams are prone to isolation; putting your work out there increases trust in the team
All the iterations of a project together-ly. This is your storage box. Artboards presented in a timeline format, iteration after iteration, to better understand the progress behind the project.
Comfortable work anywhere
with any device

It does not matter whether you use laptop, tablet or phone — it works great everywhere.
Is it your turn for a weekly design review, or you just want feedback from your colleagues? Giving, receiving and following up on feedback is now streamlined and easy to access.
Some reasons to start with Together-ly
It saves your time
Together-ly is integrated with major design software platforms
Teammate is aware
Stay connected with team mates and keep up with their work
Work with any device
Together-ly interface is responsive. It is possible to stay connected even by phone
Always connected
Invite others to review your mockups by pushing a message to the team.
Clear interface
Together-ly is so simple. There is no need to tell them how to use it. They simply do.
Minimize meetings
Discuss feedback in context, complete tasks, updates designs in seconds.
Asking for feedback from remote colleagues always meant I have to compile a deck beforehead, and even then some pieces of information were missing. Now I just have to upload Sketch artboards and InVision comments for my coworker in Paris to understand the project milestones and give me feedback, rather than clarification questions.
Cap Watkins
Designer, Loopside
I have a team of 20 designers, and I can't possibly be involved in every single project to know all the details behind each iteration. Together-ly aggregates all information for me to stay up to date with the work in the studio, and interfere or follow up if I spot a problem. Another bonus is having great materials for 1 on 1s with designer – I am always prepared with feedback and comments.
Jessica Walsh
Design Manager, Pear Studios
Designers don't like me because I always have to pull them back into reality. And it's better done sooner than later. Being able to comment on technical feasibility early in the process is essential to not pursue designs that are impossible to implement. Let alone the fact that collaboration between engineering and design leads to only better services and products out there, we should not forget about that.
Marc Zucherberg
Lead Front-end Developer, Higher
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